15 - 16 November in Copenhagen, Denmark


The 5th annual summit for impact startups, incubators, accelerators and investors

The 2-Day Program


We invite you, as a VC portfolio owner, business advisor or startup coach, to learn how you can assist impact startups to quantify and to measure their sustainable impact.

You will go through a 2-day sprint for VCs, accelerators, incubators and startups in using the IBMS model and tools.

As General Partner, investment manager, business advisor or startup coach you will peer-learn the IBMS model and tools together with one of the existing impact startups in your portfolio.

100+ Impact INVESTORS

While taking part in the 2-day training in the Impact Business Modeling System™ you will learn jointly with a cohort of another 50 selected GPs, investment managers, business advisor, coaches and startup founders.

On the second day you will meet some of the leading international impact investors, advisors and impact startups to get the most recent insights into the global impact ecosystem.

Then we matchmake you and your impact startup with 100+ invited international impact investors.

Wednesday 15 NOVEMBER

IBMS Sprint for 50 Impact Startups & Advisors

10am* – 5pm CET

[ * Incl. breakfast from 9am, lunch, drinks, fruit and afternoon snacks.]

The selected impact startup founders and their joining VC portfolio owner, business advisor, or coach, will jointly learn how to use the Impact Business Modeling System™.

During the day you will be introduced to and learn how to work with three of the IBMS Basis Modules: Impact Statement, Impact Plan and Impact Metrics.

With this in hand, the impact startup will be able to quantify and measure the sustainable impact. And integrate it in the product, the organization, the mission and the leadership.


Impact Sauna & Dinner in Copenhagen Harbor

6pm – 10pm

After a long day of learning and workshops we leave our heads and achievements in the workshop rooms and set off for the urban Copenhagen harbor.

For 2 hours you will experience the impact of a real Sauna Gus, jump into the chilly harbor and cheering in cold drinks.

Followed by dinner at an urban food court close by at your own expense.

Impact Startups & Advisors

Do you want to get invited?
E-mail us: summit@impactbusinessmodeling.org


Implement Your Impact Metrics

9am – 1pm CET

[ Incl. breakfast, fruit, lunch and drinks.]

Energized from the evening before, we wrap up the learnings from the IBMS model and implement your Impact Metrics in a pitch deck for the 100+ invited international impact investors.


Impact Keynote Speaks  & Panels

1pm – 3pm CET

[ Incl. drinks and snacks.]

We will jointly meet some of the leading international  impact VCs, impact advisors and impact startups. They will give us unique and up to date insights in impact metrics, scaling impact, EU taxonomy alignment and much more.


Impact Investor  Matchmaking

3pm – 5pm CET

The last couple of hours a selection of the participating impact startups will pitch their impact business model to the invited 100+ international impact investors.

We finish off with networking, drinks and snacks.

International Impact Investors

Do you want to get invited?
E-mail us: summit@impactbusinessmodeling.org


VENUE: Nordea HQ, Grønjordsvej 10, 2300 Copenhagen, Denmark


Impact Business Modeling System™

Impact Business Modeling System™ help companies with sustainable solutions to define an impact vision, understand the root causes to the problem, build a theory of change, get the right indicators and a metrics in place.

With this in hand, they can quantify and measure the positive change due to their sustainable impact. And integrate it in the product, the organization, the mission and the leadership.

The coaching model and methodology ensure impact companies’ intention to do good becomes, measurable, operational and profitable.

This will help them also to be responsible and accountable, and in the long-term able to define new sustainable product categories and markets.

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