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Impact Business Modeling System™


We think, there’s no Problem-Solution-fit when fighting inequality, toxic environments, biodiversity loss, raw material extractions, mass migration, fossil fuel energy, extinction of species, climate change…

Without a systemic view, and limited understanding of the width and depth of societal and environmental problems, how could you ever imagine a better world and plan what to do?

We help incubators, accelerators, and VC funds supporting their portfolio impact startups to make the sustainable impact measurable and operational. Hence, even profitable when designing sustainable product categories and defining new markets.

Our IBMS methodology and tools lead to an overview of all changes that need to happen – and how to measure and manage the impact. CHANGE is the guiding star when working with the Impact Business Modeling System™.


The outcome of the 6 IBMS Basic steps in our impact business logic, and coaching process, is an IMPACT METRICS (hence measurable), an IMPACT PLAN (hence operational) and an IMPACT BUSINESS MODEL (hence profitable).