As an accelerator, incubator, startup hub, VC fund or other organization advising and investing in impact startups, you can become a Program Partner and get an Impact Business Modeling program for your portfolio companies.


As a Program Partner you will get an IBMS program delivered matching your needs:

🔴 Get a valuable methodology into your existing program or an IBMS stand alone program

🔴 Help your portfolio companies to get their sustainable impact measurable, operational and profitable

🔴 Leverage from a pool of certified coaches with different languages for your programs

🔴 Get measurable impact reported from your portfolio companies

Certification & Membership

The startups (or scaleups and SMEs) in your program become certified in Impact Business Modeling System™. This includes a membership with access to all digital training material, workshop modules and impact business cases, to continuously improve and refine their impact business model.